Unique Design 

Lionheart’s unique design allows for a centrally located activity space for active play during inclement weather. The offices and seven classrooms surround the activity room which allows is used for school age children before and after school. The hallways surrounding the activity room also provide shelter during severe weather. A break room, kitchen, and laundry room are located just down the hall. All visitors must enter through the vestibule and page the office to be let in. Parents and authorized pick up persons will receive an electronic card to enter the school and use a biometric scanner to check children in or out of the school.

Our Classrooms

The classrooms are arranged so that all the children have easy access to developmentally appropriate activities and materials. Classrooms are equipped with a sink to facilitate easy clean up and to help with infection control. There are diaper changing spaces and bathrooms accessible to each age group and drinking fountains. Lionheart has three outdoor play areas, which include age appropriate play equipment designed with children’s abilities and interests in mind. One is for children two years old and younger. The other two are for children two years of age and older.