Parents will receive a packet of paperwork to be completed upon enrollment. The packet includes:

The paperwork must be completed prior to establishing your child’s first day at Lionheart. Periodically parents will be asked to update these forms. Failure to update the required forms when asked to do so could result in suspension of a child’s enrollment at Lionheart. For a child to remain enrolled it is also expected that account balances be paid in full by the second working day of each month.

Online Registration Form - Iowa City

Online Registration Form - North Liberty

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Life Cubby

Life CubbyLifeCubby celebrates early learning, and connects life chapters for parents by giving them a FREE account that they can keep and use forever! 

You can get the FREE LifeCubby Family App in both Google Play and iTunes. 

Our teachers will use LifeCubby to provide you with journaling about your child's day and daily activities. You, as parents, will also be able to use LifeCubby for your own documentation. You can also invite friends and relatives to be "Cubby Pals" and share the memories. Use the LifeCubby website to manage your account settings and invite “Cubby Pals.” Use the LifeCubby Family App to view school uploads and add your own content.

You will have the ability to see your child's Daily Sheet in "Real Time" with updates throughout the day. However, please keep in mind that sometimes the teachers will post updates when they have time, as they are so busy with the children :) So, please don't worry if you check your child's Daily Sheet at lunch time and see that nothing has yet posted - the teachers might post documentation during nap!

For more information, please visit

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as we transition to a more paperless school.